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Pine Lakes area Terrace BC, British Columbia, Canada
Northwest BC Forest Coalition: Request for Expressions of Interest

Frequently asked questions & answers | NWBC FC flyer |  NWBC FC overview Chinese text here

On behalf of forest tenure holders, stakeholders, tribal groups, and local communities; the Northwest BC Forest Coalition is making a Request For Expressions of Interest (RFEI) for natural resource investment into Northwest British Columbia's forest economy. The Coalition’s members are making 2,700,000 cubic metres of presently uncommitted annual timber harvest volume available to support long term wood fibre requirements of forest industry proponents.

The Northwest is a zone ripe with economic opportunity bolstered by support from Federal, Provincial, and municipal governments. With distinct advantages in: geography, industrial infrastructure, deep water ports and a highly experienced professional and technical labour force particularly in the logging industry; the region is ideally positioned for sawmill, pulp and/or paper mill, pellet mill or other wood processing investment.

The Coalition is committed to connecting interested industrial parties with timber tenure holders in order to develop sustainable relationships that will be beneficial to investors, stakeholders, and communities.

Interested parties are invited to use the contact section of this website to initiate communications.

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